Whether it’s his hilarious and amazing stage show, lounge show, or strolling magic for a reception or hospitality suite, Bill’s performances all expertly hit one target:
Make sure the audience has fun!

Bill’s show ensures success for your banquet, award-ceremony, luncheon, fundraiser, etc.
Make your event extraordinary by delighting your guests with the entertainment of Bill Wiemuth. Your guests will enjoy Bill’s clean, hilarious, humor. They will experience wonder and amazement at Bill’s magical effects. Members of the audience (or your staff) will become involved as show participants. They will leave with a unique memory of your event. Bill will customize the show to your audience, venue, and can even work in elements of a marketing campaign or corporate message. The show can include musical elements (either with custom-created backup recordings or with a live band). Bill is married to the remarkable singer Laura Sable, and the two work as performing partners, enabling them to provide you with a diverse menu of entertainment for your event.

Make your event unique and memorable. Guests at your cocktail party or hospitality suite will laugh, have fun, and be amazed by Bill Wiemuth’s closeup miracles that happen right in front or sometimes even in their hand. Bill can set up a small stand for guests to come by and visit, or he can stroll the crowd, creating miracles group by group. With years of marketing experience, he can also humorously and magically help communicate a company message to guests by interweaving your key points into his act.